What are the Effects of Insufficient Insulation?

Friday, August 17th, 2018 by Sara Figueroa

Why do you need to replace your insulation? Old or insufficient insulation does more than lead to uncomfortable indoor temperatures – it can actually cause damage and degrade the value of your home.

Old insulation can cause several troublesome issues in your home, including structural damage. Especially with lesser products, insulation materials can begin to settle as they age – particularly when they are installed incorrectly. This settling gradually creates gaps in your home’s walls, which compromises the structure of your home and could potentially lead to air leaks.  

Avoid the cost of expensive energy bills by calling the experts at Dr. Energy Saver of CT today for a free, no obligation estimate. If your insulation needs replacement, we will help you pick the right product and install it the right way. Our TruSoft Cellulose insulation is perfect for attics and walls, and will not settle like fiberglass. Even better, it is treated with natural borate compounds that make it fire, pest, and mold resistant.

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Speaking of mold, it is worth mentioning that effective insulation is key in preventing mold growth in your home. Old insulation can leave your home vulnerable to settling moisture, which is the fastest way to promote mold growth in your home. Fiberglass batts are particularly vulnerable to moisture and when they absorb it, they become ineffective and a breeding ground for mold and pests.

Spray Foam insulation, on the other hand, acts as an effective air sealer while also providing an effective thermal and moisture barrier. This means that it locks in conditioned air, prevents outside air from coming in, and protects your home from the troubles of mold-causing moisture.

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You do not want your insulation problems to escalate, so let us fix your uncomfortable home with our high-quality insulation solutions. Call Dr. Energy Saver of CT today. 1-855-201-5406