A New Years Means Time For A New Energy Audit!

Friday, January 13th, 2017 by Julie Collins

Are you rooms suddenly feeling drafty? Is your home energy bill a little higher than you'd like? These are real problems that happen in homes all the time, but some people don't know what to do when it comes to saving energy in their home. If you call us at Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut, we won't just come in and tell you what you need, we conduct an entire home energy evaluation, so we can figure out exactly what we can do to make your home as energy efficient as possible! 

A New Years Means Time For A New Energy Audit - Image 1

An image from a FLIR camera we use to perform home energy audits!

There are many benefits to having a free energy audit conducted in your home. We show you where you can save on your energy bills, and your home's overall energy uses. Whether your home needs new windows, some basic air sealing, or even new insulation, our team will sit down with you personally, and go over what we think will be best for your home. They will test your insulation, air ducts, water heater, and various other appliances, while also performing an air blower test, to see exactly where is being leaked throughout the home. We also use the FLIR ONE thermal camera to identify EXACTLY where you are losing heat in your home. The best part about this energy evaiuation? It's completely free! Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut's Home Comfort Specialists are certified, professional, and make sure that you know exactly what needs to get done so you have a more comfortable home! 

In Connecticut, we serve Redding, Greens Farms, and Stevenson in Fairfield County. Give us a call today for your free energy evaluation!

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