Make Your Energy Saving List, and Check It Twice!

Monday, December 5th, 2016 by Julie Collins


Make Your Energy Saving List and Check It Twice - Image 1

This holiday, you may be focusing on getting gifts, spending time with your family, decorating the Christmas tree, and preparing for heaps of family to come visit. It's easy to put your home's energy on the back burner, but if you're not being efficient with your energy use, your bills will be higher, and your home might not be as comfortable as you'd like in time for Christmas! Here at Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut, we know a few things that will help keep your home warm, and also save you some money! 

 1. Air Sealing Your Fireplace and Chimney 

In homes with a fire place, the chimney is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to air leakage. Heated air in your home tends to rise to the areas with cooler temperatures, and the flue of the fireplace to the top of the chimney is basically a hole in your house providing an ideal escape route for heated air. By air sealing your chimney, your heated air is less likely to leak out, so your paid heated air will be put to good use!

2. Heat Only The Rooms That You Use

In many homes, not every room is being used at once. To save money on heating costs, you can seal off and close the vents in these rooms. You can even use a space heater in smaller areas! 

3. Seal ALL Air Leaks and Ducts 

Ducts, entrances, cabinets, and even attic stair openings are all places that allow cold air to creep into your homes. By weatherstripping and insulating these areas, you'll keep the warm air inside. At Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut, we have a variety of insulation options for you to use based on your home and needs! 

4. Don't Overlook The Little Things!

Things as small as forgetting to close the flue in the fire place add up when it comes to your energy bill. Make sure all your windows are closed, but don't worry about closing the blinds and missing those snowy hills outside your windows! By properly insulating and air sealing any cracks by the windows will help you enjoy the view! You can also install our Everlast Double Paned Windows, which help insulate and keep your warm air inside your home!

5. Enter and Exit the RIGHT Way!

Having friends and family over this holiday season means constantly opening and closing your doors to welcome them into your home! To prevent your heater from running constantly, make sure you are having guests enter through the door that is furthest away from the thermostat. You can also make sure your door is properly weatherstripped! Weatherstripping comes in many shapes and sizes, and we work hard at Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut to make sure you have what you need based on the home you have!

Have you read this list, and checked it twice? If you feel like any of these problems might be surrounding your home, give us a call at Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut for your very own FREE energy evaluation, and we'll get your house prepared for the happy holidays to come! 

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