High Summer Temperatures in the Attic Make Your Air Conditioning 20% More Costly and Less Effective

Friday, June 10th, 2016 by Danielle Lariviere

High Summer Temperatures in the Attic Make Your Air Conditioning 20 More Costly and Less Effective - Image 1

Attic temperatures in summer can reach 120 degrees or higher. In many homes the ductwork from the air conditioning unit goes through the extremely hot attic. This causes the air within the ductwork to warm up, thus making your HVAC system work harder to achieve its indoor temperature goal.

The problem: If you've got a poorly insulated attic and leaky ducts, the problem is this: the air being distributed throughout your rooms below is always the complete opposite temperature of the air in the attic itself.

Why is that a problem? Your HVAC system is blowing cooled air through ducts that are exposed to the 120+ degree attic temperatures.  What  do you think happens to the air inside the ducts?

You probably guessed it. Your air conditioning system is cooling the air to 55 degrees (to give you air that's 70 degrees). This is what you're willing and expecting to pay for.  But at the end of the vent system – the farthest room from the HVAC unit – the temperature coming out is warmer and must be re-cooled! And must be continually re-cooled.That's both inefficient and expensive.

In addition, must ductwork has lots of leaks.  If each leak loses 2% of the air you just paid to cool, by the end of the journey through the duct system, you've simply lost a significant amount of cool, conditioned air. Again, inefficient and expensive!

The result? Your energy costs climb upwards thanks to this combination of leak loss and a hot attic necessitating cyclical re-cooling. It's also why some rooms are always warmer than others.

Note: The reverse is true with cold winter temperatures.  Heated air will cool as it passes through freezing ductwork in your attic.

Problem-Solutions for Sealing Ducts

At Dr. Energy Saver we pride ourselves in working to make sure homeowners get the most energy efficiency out of their homes while enjoying the comfort of knowing they’re spending much less on utility bills each month. Our Certified Home Energy Specialists analyze your home's energy efficiency and identify the problems. They will then offer you a solution for the existing issues. This is a Free Analysis and Estimate for the work.

In this case, we are dealing with ductwork problems.

  • Duct Leakage

    • Our energy expert will detect leaks with an HVAC airflow test, and seal them off with a special mastic or spray foam.

  • Missing or defective ductwork insulation

    • Ductwork in unconditioned spaces will be insulated. (i.e.; Basement, Attic, Crawl Space, Garage)

  • Unbalanced Air Flow

    • What this means is that some rooms get too much heat or too little, and vice versa with cooling.

    • Transfer grills or jumper ducts are installed to balance the flow of supply and return of the air.

If you’re a homeowner experiencing any of these costly problems give us a call today to schedule a free no-obligation energy evaluation by one of our Certified Home Energy Specialists. They will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation to inform you where your home is consuming, losing and throwing away energy.

We service all of Eastern and Central Connecticut including, Ridgefield, Hamden, Shelton, New Haven, Woodbury and surronding cities.