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Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut Case Studies: Blown-In Attic Insulation in Trumbull, CT

Thursday, December 1st, 2016 by Julie Collins


This Trumbull, CT family was having issues with their energy costs, and the unwanted air filtering through their basement and attic were the culprits. With winter coming, they were beginning to notice that their poorly insulated attic was causing the heat they were paying for to escape from the top of the house. Down in the basement, moisture was beginning to build up, and the family wanted to save their expensive, conditioned air, and block outdoor temperatures from slipping in. They decided to give Dr. Energy Saver Connecticut a call, and we went right to work! 


First, our Home Comfort Advisor, Keith Saunders, came in to guide the family through their problems with a free home energy evaluation. After discovering most of their energy dilemmas were due to their attic and basement, we sent our team out to get to work!

Our expert foreman, Johnny Lopez, and his team, arrived at this Trumbull home ready to take on the task at hand! First, we removed all of the old insulation from their large attic and basement. We first went ahead and air sealed the entire attic. More exfiltration (interior air leaking outside) occurs through the attic than anywhere else in the house. Exfiltration through the attic, combined with infiltration through lower parts of the house is called the Stack Effect - a major factor in poor energy performance. By adding air sealing, it will create an air barrier to minimize this action from happening. 

Secondly, we went ahead and spray foamed the family's entire attic using our Blown in Attic InsulationAfter the attic has been air-sealed to minimize air leaks, it usually takes a day or less to complete an attic insulation upgrade using blown-in cellulose. Although the installation process produces dust (workers wear standard dust masks), it's not hazardous. 

Finally, we went ahead and added David Lewis Hatch Covers to both the attic door, and the ceiling fan. This cover is air sealed and weatherstripped to provide a tight covering after each use. This way, unwanted air from the attic won't slip out from under the door, and it will keep the space airtight. By using one of these covers for the ceiling fan, the air stays within the living space, rather than travelling upward into the attic. 

With their attic now properly insulated and air sealed, this family can take comfort in knowing that their expensive, paid air is being put to good use, and not being wasted.

Call us today for your own free energy evaluation! In Connecticut, we serve Trumbull, Shelton, Redding, Wilton, East Hartford, and more! 

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