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Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut Case Studies: Encapsulated Crawl Space in Roxbury, CT

Friday, July 26th, 2019 by Sara Figueroa


This Roxbury, CT homeowner had originally had Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut replace some windows for them and they were so happy with their experience and the result that they decided to do some more work with us. They knew their crawl space was a terrible mess of failing insulation and the floors above were always cold in the winter, so they called us, and we sent out Don Godbout, one of our best Home Energy Experts. He showed up to the house and noticed right away the previous insulation contractors installed fiberglass batts insulation between the floor joists, which had now absorbed plenty of moisture and were falling with the extra weight. This was producing gaps in the layers of insulation and dramatically reducing the insulation value under the floor.


Don described that the home needed its crawl space to be air sealed, waterproofed, and encapsulated with insulation. This will keep hot and humid air from entering in the summer and the floors above much warmer in the winter. The homeowner was excited for this improvement and approved the proposal. We sent out the trusted and experienced crew led by Rudy Abel to get the job done.

They first cleaned out all the debris in the basement which made an incredible difference right off the bat. Then, they installed a layer of drainage matting which makes sure any drop of moisture entering the basement won’t puddle and cause water damage to the concrete below. Next, they installed a layer of TerraBlock insulation which includes a layer of moisture barrier. This compensates for the removed fiberglass and is a permanent solution. The rigid foam will not lose insulation value over time like the fiberglass.

Next, they installed panels of SilverGlo rigid foam insulation all along the walls of the space. SilverGlo is made of a close-celled foam infused with graphite to boost its insulation by 30% compared to typical rigid foam products. It also has a layer of a reflective radiant and moisture barrier that will reflect heat back into the space during the winter and keep humidity out during the summer. After that, they installed a layer of our CleanSpace vapor barrier along the entire floor and a few inches up the sides in order to completely protect the space from water damage.

Finally, Rudy and his crew installed closed-cell medium density spray foam at the rim joist and all-around pipes and electrical holes. This provided the necessary air sealing to keep hot, humid air in the summer and cold air in the winter out of the home.

The homeowner was ecstatic with the work done by our crew! He noticed right away that his first floor was not nearly as humid during the day and is glad he invested in the project.

Project Summary

Salesman: Don Godbout

Foreman: Rudy Abel

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