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Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut Case Studies: Air Sealed and Insulated Attic in Sandy Hook, CT

Thursday, July 11th, 2019 by Sara Figueroa


Donald S. of Newtown, CT called Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut about a discomfort in his home during these hot summer months. We sent out one of our best Home Energy Specialists, Steve Machnicz, who studied every inch of the attic and located problematic areas throughout the home that could be the culprits of their home losing conditioned air. He communicated with the homeowner about their attic being improperly insulated with fiberglass batts and the air ducts leaking their conditioned air into the attic and being warmed by the hot air in the space. He also noted that the garage had an uninsulated ceiling that was making the room above incredibly hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The homeowner and Steve worked out a few fool-proof solutions that will make his home much more comfortable and energy efficient!


We sent out the trusted crew lead by Clive Burrell who quickly got to work. They began by removing the existing insulation in the attic and using an expanding sprayable foam to air seal the entirety of the attic. They used SilverGlo rigid foam insulation at the most problematic areas. They installed TiteShell can light covers in order to insulate the recess light fixtures in the ceiling, which will allow for insulation to be layered directly adjacent to it without a fire concern.

They then build an insulated catwalk with retention dams so the homeowners could use the attic as storage. This was constructed by the crew on site out of SilverGlo rigid foam insulation and particle board. The ducts originally were incredibly leaky, which meant the homeowners were spending money conditioning air and losing it in the hot attic! They used the expanding spray foam sealant in order to fill any caps in the duct work, then installed Spray Foam insulation – completely encapsulating the ducts and instantly making them more efficient.

Their next step was to install blown-in TruSoft Cellulose insulation into the attic. Their goal was to achieve a high R-value in order to give the home an effective thermal barrier against impeding harsh temperatures. The storage dams are now effective because they keep the cellulose particles away from stored items.

Now comes insulating the garage ceiling. This was done by drilling holes into the cavities between the floor joists and densely packing them with TruSoft Cellulose insulation through a hose. They are filled until no more material can be pushed into them and are sealed off.

The homeowner couldn’t be happier with his home’s transformation and is looking forward to increased comfort and future savings!

Project Summary

Salesman: Steve Machnicz

Foreman: Clive Burrell

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