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Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut Case Studies: Blown Cellulose in Ansonia, CT

Thursday, August 17th, 2017 by Sara Figueroa


This Ansonia home was poorly insulated and the traditional fiberglass batt insulation was not energy efficient which was causing the homeowners to pay a high electric bill every month. Not only were they paying a high electric bill, but their home had uneven temperatures throughout the home. Frustrated, they decided to give Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut a call to help find them a solution for their home efficiency needs.  


Our Sales Representative, Chris Grosso, arrived at the home the day of the appointment to inspect the home. He suggested replacing the original traditional fiberglass batts with Blown Cellulose because it would increase the home’s energy efficiency by increasing the R-value. R-value is the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value the better. The homeowners agreed that this would be the perfect product to install into their attic in order to have a more comfortable home.  

With no time to waste, Rudy Abel and his production crew were ready to improve this attic. But first, there were a couple of steps that needed to happen before the Blown Cellulose was installed.  

First, all the original batt insulation had to be removed in order to get a fresh start. Once that was completed, air sealant was the next step. It is extremely important to air seal any cracks or opening that are apparent in the attic. This will prevent unwanted air flow from entering your attic and leaking into your living space. With no air leakage, the home will have a consistent heating and cooling flow. 

Next, spray foam was performed around the ducts in the attic. Ducts have a tendency to leak out the cool or heated air that is used to cool or heat a home. Having spray foam on the ducts will prevent any leakage from happening, ensuring that the cool or heated air you pay for is utilized correctly. 

Lastly, with a cleared and correctly sealed attic, Blown Cellulose was ready to be installed. Blown Cellulose is the superior choice because it is effective, easy to install and is environmentally friendly. The Blown Cellulose offers a superior R-value compared to traditional fiberglass batts which will immediately increase your home’s efficiency.  Blown Cellulose is also known as a “green” product because it is primarily made from recycled newspaper. 

The homeowners are extremely happy with the Blown Cellulose in their attic because it solved all of their concerns. They already noticed a difference with a lower electric bill and a more comfortable home! 

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Sales Representative: Chris Grosso

Foreman: Rudy Abel

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